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This is where the website of the German company HP-Foam GmbH & Co. KG is created.

We are active in the sector of the production and processing of foams and filter products.

HP-Foam is a plastics processor and supplier for sound- and shock-insulating systems, safety-related modules and filter systems for the automotive and household appliance industries.

Shortly you will find here also more information about our services and products.


We offer individual foam solutions tailored to your wishes and requirements.

Depending on the lot size and material, we use different production methods for processing your articles. These are among others:

• Shape cutting
• Calendering
• Stamping
• or CNC contour cutting.

Some products are then glued, welded, laminated or fitted with self-adhesives.

We are certified and our products meet the highest quality standards.


Foam processing


• PU and PE foam
• Filter foam
• Activated carbon-impregnated foam
• Melamine resin foam
• Cellular rubber

Areas of application

• Noise reduction and sound insulation
• Seal, isolate and protect
• Upholstery and decorating
• Packing and transporting
• Filtering

Our versatile processes of plastics processing enable the production of individual products.


About HP foam

HP-Foam takes over the business operations of Trecolan GmbH at its branch in Thalheim.

The existing activated carbon filter production and foam processing will be continued and supplemented by the product lines produced in Bremen from the areas of hoses and the casing of foam profiles.

In the next few days HP-Foam will be contacting all existing customers and suppliers to clarify the future supply relationship.

For all questions, suggestions, opinions, do not hesitate to contact us!


We are available for you as follows!

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F +49 (0) 3721 84125

Email: info@hp-foam.de